SÖRMAŞ, Söğüt Refractory Materials Inc. was established in 1976 for the manufacturing of refractory materials as a joint stock company. Starting the production in 1980, the company now manufactures fired firclay, high alumina, insulation, andalusite, alumina-SiC, corund, chrome-corund, magnesite, magnesite-chrome, chromite, spinel and resin bonded alumina-carbon, alumina-SiC-carbon, alumina-magnesia-carbon, magnesia-carbon bricks, along with mortars, castables, ramming and gunning materials.

SÖRMAŞ, with 60.000 ton/year production capacity, serves for his honorable customers in Iron and Steel, Cement, Glass, Lime, Metallurgy and Ceramic industries, an also for power plants, refineries and incinerators.

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